Water polo has seen a significant resurgence as a sport here at the College in the last ten years.  Up until the early 90’s Water polo was very much part of the St Alban’s fabric, with Old Boys like Jo Vipond representing SA Schools.  Sadly, the sport fell away until the arrival of Mr Rob Lodge.  Rob single-handedly revived the sport and was instrumental in attracting Mr Krisztian Szentgyorgyi to the College.  Mr Szentgyorgyi hails from Hungary, the Mecca of water polo, and has had coaching stints with Selborne College and St Andrew’s College. Mr Szentgyorgyi’s influence in the club has been dramatic.  The club now boasts eight teams and it regularly competes in age-group tournaments country wide.  

The pool has recently been upgraded and now is deep enough on both ends for Water polo purposes.  A heating system is now in place and this will allow boys to train later in the evenings and during the winter. The new upgrade to “The Zone” around the swimming will also provide a better viewing of matches with stands on both sides of the pool. This will also provide change rooms and toilet facilities at the pool. We look forward to being able to host tournaments and major events in this new facility in the future.

For any further information regarding water polo please contact the Director of Sport Mr Krinesan Moodley  at the following email address: moodleyk@stalbanscollege.com