Vision, values and our Mission 


Our Vision

St Alban’s College is a learning community of boys, staff and parents. We are forward looking, committed to quality and service, and we pursue innovative strategies and encourage personal responsibility in the interest of all-round development of the boy as he journeys towards manhood.



Our Values

St Alban’s is an Anglican Church School that strives after Christian values. These, held in common with people of other faiths, include compassion, courage, and a commitment to what is right. We aim to create a just, peaceful, united, positive, ethical, happy and caring community.



Our Mission

  • We dedicate ourselves to a stimulating, balanced programme, which is sensitive to the needs of individual students, encourages them increasingly to assume responsibility for themselves and which promotes an ethos that learning is enjoyable.
  • We aim to lead in the effective development and use of innovative learning systems, turning our educational ideas into reality.
  • We strive to be at the leading edge of appropriate technology enabling us to access and exchange information.
  • We aim to equip students with the life skills which will enable them to make a positive contribution in an open and dynamic global society.
  • We accept our responsibility to the wider educational field; and with those concerned, to develop innovative programmes for the community at large.