With the diversity we have at St Alban’s, the offer of a dedicated soccer season is something the College is looking at strongly.  At present, the soccer season runs for three weeks in September and, although we put out eight teams on any given fixture, the season is rushed and too condensed, not allowing for enough skill development and individual improvement.  The other boys’ schools in our coalition are looking into ways in which we can extend the season and make soccer a more prominent sport.

As the powers that be are looking at an extended, dedicated season, we at St Alban’s need to look internally at our soccer structures to ensure that the sport is well-managed, has competent coaches and will allow many of our boys the opportunity to play successfully and thus not see soccer as a pastime, but as a legitimate sport at the College.

For any further information regarding soccer at the College, please contact the Director of Sport Mr Krinesan Moodley