ScHolarships & Bursaries


Entrance Scholarships

These are awarded annually on the basis of performance in the Scholarship Examination, which is usually written on the second weekend in May each year. Based on performance in our Entrance Examination (written in March), the St Alban's College Entrance Examination or on the recommendation of a boy’s Prep School Head, the Headmaster will invite selected boys to write the Scholarship Examination. 

Examination: written papers in English and Mathematics are based purely on Grade 6 work, a prepared speech and an interview with senior staff.

Awards: Major and Minor Scholarships of values ranging from 33% to 40% of tuition fees are awarded. In addition, Closed Scholarships of values from 25% to 33% of tuition fees are awarded to boys from St Peter’s Prep School, The Ridge, Pridwin, Waterkloof House Prep School and St Paulus Primary School.

Conditions: these scholarships are awarded on academic performance only. All awards are for the scholar’s whole career at St Alban's College, up to Form 5 (Grade 12), provided that conduct and industry are satisfactory. There will be a maximum of eight Entrance Scholarships awards each year. The right to not make awards, or awards to the amounts stated, in any year, is reserved.




These are awarded annually on the basis of a demonstrated talent in scholarship, sport or music. These awards are usually granted on entry to St Alban's College. Sports for which we award Exhibitions include cricket, rugby, hockey and water sports/aquatics.

Awards: there will be a maximum of eight such awards per year group of values ranging from 10% to 40% of tuition fees.

Eligibility: prospective parents who wish their sons to be considered for such an award should submit a 1 page detailed curriculum vitae of their son’s achievements, with the names and contact details of at least three referees.

Exhibitions for Music: additional Exhibitions for Music may be granted at Form 3 (Grade 10) level, due to our long-standing relationship with the Drakensburg Boys’ Choir School.




Funds are available each year for financial assistance to families in need. Applications for bursaries should be made to the Headmaster in a letter of motivation, during the first half of the preceding year for which the bursary is required. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of need and talent, and we are exploring the possibility of increasing the number of bursaries through means of partnerships with outside sponsors.