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All students at StAlban's College have the opportunity for a positive educational experience that is tailored to meet their evolving stages of cognitive development. expert Staff ensure high quality learning.

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StAlban's College boasts award-winning arts programs! Our band, Barbershop, choir, visual art, photography, and Adams programs are among the best in the country, receiving national recognition.


StAlban's Offers Rugby, Cricket, with the highlight in 2016 being the victory against PBHS at first team level, at Rugby. Our rowing has established itself as a winning force at national level.

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Pride, Passion, Glory, Brotherhood. A few simple aspects of St Alban’s life that play an enormously large role in the creation and development of a College Boy. St Alban’s is a small school that makes up for its size with heart and tradition. Before my arrival at St Alban’s in 2013, I had heard much about this thing called brotherhood. It was something about which every St Alban’s boy I knew would wax lyrical.

’Could this idea of brotherhood really be true?’ I would ask myself.
’Is everyone at St Alban’s really related?’ I would wonder.
— Orateng Koikanyang (Head of School 2017)