Termly exhibitions in the Art room, LEC and / or Auditorium display the students’ works and provide a way in which the students can show who they really are.

The Matric students have two important exhibitions throughout their final year: The ultimate, much anticipated, exhibition of the Form 5 work, in October, is a significant event on the school calendar.


Visual Art at St Alban’s College starts in Form 1 as a chosen Module. In Forms 1 and 2 we focus on laying down the basics in creative thinking and the implementation thereof in actual artworks. At this level, we concentrate mainly on drawing and painting to establish the basis for further development in the senior forms.

 We also focus on art-theory related to the elements and principles of art. Visual Art in Forms 1 and 2 is about having fun in a creative context, while learning new and interesting skills.  Visual Literacy also makes up a big part of the Forms 1 and 2 syllabi. It is a skill that teaches one to read and interpret visual imagery, and is of great importance in a world where so much relies on visual communication.

 Visual Art as a subject provides a creative environment and a great opportunity for art students to improve their self-confidence and to intensify their awareness of the visual world that surrounds them.



The Word of Art Club is not only a Club for art students, but non-art students who love to be creative and expressive themselves visually. The following projects are planned for 2018:

  1. Launching the world wide Google Doodle Competition;

  2. Participating in the Pretoria Eisteddfod;

  3. Painting a tree in the LO Room for educational purposes;

  4. Present a Movie Night to showcase short films done by Word of Art and Art students




At the center of all learning lies the learner’s own experience.  Visual Arts offers learners a unique way of exploring the world around them, expressing their own perceptions and discovering their own creative imagination. 

The Visual Arts Staff aims to provide a nurturing and caring environment in which the boys can flourish artistically.