Music at st Alban's

St Alban’s College offers instrumental lessons in a variety of instruments. Boys have the opportunity to make music together in the Choir, Barbershop, Band, Guitar Club or one of the small instrumental ensembles.


Subject Music is an elective, also in Forms 1 and 2.

The minimum requirements for Subject Music are:
Form 1 – Grade 8: None
Form 2 – Grade 9: Practical Music Grade 2; Music Theory Grade 2 Form 3 – Grade 10: Practical Music Grade 4; Music Theory Grade 4 Form 4 – Grade 11: Practical Music Grade 5; Music Theory Grade 5 Form 5 – Grade 12: Practical Music Grade 6; Music Theory Grade 5

The above Grade levels are based on the following examining bodies for music:
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Trinity College of Music (Classical and Rock and Pop Syllabi)
Rock School

A student may choose pieces NOT included in the syllabi of these institutions, but the pieces have to be at the required standard.

Subject Music

Subject Music is a demanding but fascinating and rewarding subject. The syllabus has many components, allowing many opportunities to achieve:
Performance: technique, individual and group performance, improvisation, music technology Arrangement, composition, and Music Literacy: reading, writing, interpreting Music in History, Society and Culture, form and analysis

One of the main requirements of subject music is to learn an individual instrument which is recognised by the IEB (Independent Examination Board). Every Subject Music student is expected to take individual practical lessons, which also has cost implications.


register for Music Lessons

To register for Music Lessons, please sign the registration form, after carefully reading the Policy and Fee Document Performance is integral to playing an instrument. It develops self-discipline, confidence, musical interpretation and self-discovery. Those who feel overwhelmed by the idea of performing can perform in groups, where they will feel less vulnerable. During the year, there are many opportunities to perform, and some concerts are solely for the purpose of allowing less confident performers the opportunity to perform in a less threatening environment.


Extramural music lessons

It is our policy that any St Alban’s boy who wishes to learn an instrument should be catered for. Should a St Alban’s boy require lessons in a musical discipline not covered by the current teachers, we will make every effort to find a suitable teacher, wherever possible.
The fees for instrumental lessons in 2014 are R280/hour, R210/45 minutes and R140/30 minutes. The length of lessons depends on personal needs and ability of the student.


Music Groups and Clubs

The current official music groups are:
Choir and Barbershop (Mrs Lhente-Mari Pitout) Band and Ensembles (Mrs Karin Groenewald, Mr Nic Dinnie, Mr Rainer von Schlichting) Guitar Club (Mr Nico du Plessis)