Lads & Ladies Evening

At St Alban’s College we are striving to facilitate the development of our boys into a well-rounded young man. The Form 4 “Lads and Ladies Evening” where the Form 4 boys celebrate the significance of women in their lives has proved to be a great success.  


This is a formal evening at which we expect the boys to dress in a jacket and tie.  We invite a guest speaker for the evening and the most significant time is when each boy has the opportunity to express their gratitude for the lady in their life. This has proved to be one of the highlights of both the boy and lady’s year.


Significance of women

We all know that behind every successful man is an amazing woman.  So it is imperative that we address the significance of women in young men’s lives. Our boys will be on their way into a world where they will encounter women in a wide array of roles from colleagues to bosses, from girlfriends to powerful political figures, from super models to hopefully significant female role models.  For this reason, we have introduced the Lads and Ladies Evening to celebrate the significance of women in modern society and, in particular, in their present and future lives.