Mentor and Rookie Program



At St Alban’s College we have a Mentor/Rookie program to assist our boys in finding their space and the building of relationships between the Senior and Junior boys at the College. The Rookie being the Form 1 and the Mentor the Matric.

There is an old African proverb: “I hear, I forget.  I see, I remember.  I do, I understand.”

“A notable shift begins to take place in the boy’s soul as he approaches his teens, a yearning for real adventure.  Something inside him tells him that he needs to prove himself, needs to be tested.  He wants to learn how to do things.  The Question of a man’s soul begins to present itself in nearly everything the boy-becoming-a-young-man does: do I have what it takes?  The answer comes partly through adventure, and partly through hard work.”

The Way of the Wild Heart, John Eldridge

Building Relationships

Each of the 6 Houses have formal functions at the start of the year where the Mentor and Rookie make a pledge to help and assist each other. This is also a function where both mentor and rookie’s parents meet each other and build up a relationship that lasts in many cases for years. It is a program we are very proud of and in many ways unique in the country.

It is a mutual relationship between the Matric and Form 1 where both agree to assist and help each other through a very special year for both parties. The Matric agrees to mentor the Form 1 and help him to adjust to life at the College, guiding him in what the St Alban’s way is. The Form 1 is the Rookie, the young man who is prepared to learn and to be mentored. The majority of these relationships carry on for years even after the Mentor has left the College.