It's in our DNA


The St Alban’s success story:

St Alban’s College is 56 years young. We are a values-driven school with an over-riding pride in decency, warmth, natural politeness and chivalry. This has allowed us to make huge strides towards being truly awesome.

The word ‘awesome’ is like the nucleus of a human cell: stuffed full of metres of DNA. Unravelling that astounding string of biological bits illuminates what it is that makes St Alban’s special. Here are some Albanian ‘nucleotides’, transmitting genetic information from one generation of College boys to the next.

The DNA of Positivity

You can sense the positive buzz on campus. People go about their daily lives with the controlled excitement that comes from having a sense of purpose. Enthusiasm and zeal are a reality. At many church schools students troop wearily to dismal Chapel services. Somehow we discovered the importance of easy involvement, affirmation and laughter. Chapel and outdoor amphitheatre assemblies at St Alban’s are uplifting, not-to-be-bunked experiences. This is something we cherish.

The DNA of Significance – a step beyond success

Success is meaningless without significance. A boy becomes significant when he translates knowledge into deeper understanding and uses that to forge relationships, serve his community or plan for change.

The DNA of Innovation

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. This College mantra inspires the re-invention of curriculums, cultural and sporting practices, and teachers. To implement innovation we can’t fear failure. For example, sending 120 boys into the wilderness for a 23-day, life-altering Journey is risky; by God’s grace we’ve never looked back.

While we are driven by a passion for ingenuity, being faithful in the small things – time-tested habits and routines – is vital. Not everything needs to change. Boys find security in stable traditions.



The DNA of Relationship

St Alban’s is an animated community of students, teachers, parents, and old boys. Teachers are close to boys; the ‘dais mentality’ has long disappeared. We join our learners in celebrating their increasing maturity. Parents are seen as essential educational partners. They are encouraged to participate, and they come away proud. The brotherhood of the Boarding House is incredibly strong, lasting beyond the schooling years.

The DNA of Difference and Diversity

South African schools are remarkable ambassadors for our country. We saw this during our USA Choir tour which elicited dozens of letters to our school: people were awe-struck. The USA saw black boys and white boys sharing a stage authentically in a country where racial and socio-economic divisions aren’t far below the surface. The overwhelming ovations at every venue were matched only by the letters of praise for our boys’ behaviour and spontaneous friendliness.

It is our determined ambition simply to keep on regenerating our awesome DNA