Tom hamilton wellness centre

The St Alban’s Gymnasium forms an important part of the life of boys, where boys can ‘blow off steam’, and spend their energy improving strength, power and biomechanics that aid on the sports field.

The sport clubs use the gym in their pre-season to work on aspects of conditioning, while the gym also functions for those who need rehabilitation after an injury. The gym is currently run by, Mr Yaw Fosu-Amoah, the resident Biokineticist.


OPerating hours

The Tom Hamilton Wellness Centre is open to all sport teams to book sessions from 5:00am. There is an open session for all from 3:30pm - 5:0pm. During the academic day, the gym is used for Physical Education lessons as part of the IEB curriculum.


Training Equipment

We have a well equipped gym with a full set of Dumb-bells and Weight plates, 4 pull up stations, 2 bench press machines, 5 stationary bicycles, 12 ergometers, 3 dynamic ergos, kettlebells, exercise balls and mats, power lifting platform and much more. The gym is suitable for heavy lifting and intense training, novel sportsmen and social ‘gym bunnies’. All school boys are welcome to join the gym, and are encouraged to follow a gym/conditioning programme provided by Mr Fosu-Amoah.



For more information regarding gym enquiries, please contact Mr Fosu-Amoah –