A Family of Schools…

Family – n. set of relations, esp. parents and children. Group of similar people.

On both definitions St Alban’s College, St Mary’s DSG and WHPS fill the bill. Many an Old Albanian started out at WHPS and many a DSG girl has met and married an Albanian, thus perpetuating “The Family!” And so the cycle continues…brothers and sisters experiencing world class educations and Mums and Dads integrating into one big happy family!


St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

St Mary's DSG is our sister school. St Mary’s DSG is a dynamic, unique school that offers each girl an educational package which will provide for her optimal development in all fields viz. academics, cultural, social, sporting, spiritual and personal. As an Anglican Diocesan School, it has continued to encompass the caring ethos established by the CSMV sisters and yet has all the focus that a school in the new millennium should include – and more. Facilitating the education of 800 girls from Grades 0 – 12 it has maintained an excellent academic standard in the IEB examinations.


Waterkloof House Preparatory School

WHPS is our little brother school. Founded in 1923 by the Ruddell brothers, the vision of the School is to realise the holistic development of its boys using a broad-base to promote high moral values; independent thinking; self-discipline and a positive self-image, enabling each boy to realise his full potential in academics, sporting and cultural fields within a Christian environment. Affectionately known as WHPS, there is a certain element that sets Waterkloof House Preparatory School apart from any other school – its ethos is legendary. Embodied in its motto, Work Hard Play Straight, this ethos is a deep spirit of community.