Experience St Alban's

Experience St Alban’s is held annually in March. Prospective Grade 7 boys are invited to spend a day (and a night in the case of a provisional boarder) at the College in order to experience the “Night Life” and “A Day in the Life of a St Alban’s Boy.”



On the Thursday evening, potential boarders arrive by 17:00 and after introductions they move off to their respective Houses. Supper and time with our Drama group follow, before settling down for the night and experiencing what it is like to sleep with lots of other youngsters around!

Friday morning the Day Boys arrive and then it’s off to write the English and Mathematics Benchmark tests. With that ticked off the list, the fun can begin! The boys are divided into groups and begin a series of rotations, including Sport, Science, Design and Technology, Maths Fun and a Clubs and Societies Fair.



Parents are invited to join us for a “Talk with Shane”, when Shane Kidwell, the Headmaster welcomes everyone and gives a detailed, but often, light-hearted account of the school. A cocktail party finishes the day and happy, exhausted boys are sent home to further recount their experiences and discuss their futures.



Booking Forms for “Experience St Alban’s” can be found by clicking on the button below and should be completed and sent, with a brief one page CV, to Mrs Claire Spring by the end of February of your son’s Grade 7 year.

For more information contact: Claire Spring: springc@stalbanscollege.com