St. Alban’s College has achieved outstanding Matric results with 92% of students receiving a University exemption. (114 out of 124 candidates met the minimum requirements for Bachelor Degree Studies)

 St Alban’s Headmaster Shane Kidwell said: St Alban’s continues to focus on preparing young men for life and we are proud to celebrate the efforts of the class of 2018. St Alban’s College is an innovative, creative forward-looking school and continues to prepare students with the skills they will need to thrive in the modern world. The staff and the community at large congratulate this group of Matrics warmly and are immensely proud of their achievements.”

 Matthew Field, who has recently been named as one of the 100 young Mandelas of the future, achieved the highest aggregate:  he earned a level 7 (80% or above) in eight subjects with an aggregate of 88.50%. He was closely followed by Keroshan Pillay and Gabriel dos Santos. The other candidate who achieved a level 7 in eight subjects was Aydin Geeringh. Louis de Jager, Gabriel dos Santos, Galen Schrempel, and Thomas Stern all achieved a level 7 in seven subjects.

 National Achievements:

Congratulations to the following boys who achieved marks that were in the Top 1% of candidates for a specific subject in the IEB:

•       Louis de Jager for Afrikaans  

•       Reinholdt Hulme for Afrikaans

•       Keroshan Pillay for Business Studies

•       Matthew Field for English, Life Sciences and Life Orientation

•       Gabriel dos Santos for English

St Alban’s College writes the National Senior Certificate examination conducted by the Independent Examination Board (IEB) which is an internationally recognized qualification. St Alban’s currently has past students studying in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA and it is good to know that our current students will be able to take up their studies at National or International Universities of their choice. The examination was conducted in accordance with the provisions of UMALUSI which has approved the results.

Said Kidwell: “The Matrics of 2018 follow in a rich tradition of academic excellence, but they have also developed the skills which will equip them to find their element and follow their passion as they enter this next phase of their lives. St Alban’s College has a proud history of embracing diversity and making a difference in the broader community. The College has a bright future and will be opening its doors to 570+ students in 2019. If you have not experienced St Alban’s and the brotherhood which abounds here, please visit our creative, innovative and energetic school where all boys find a sense of belonging, flourish and grow. The class of 2018 completed their careers confidently and the outcome once again proves that, at St Alban’s College, young men thrive in an environment which encourages them to think for themselves, solve real-life problems and ultimately urges them to make a difference for the good, in a world which is continually changing and evolving”.