St Alban’s College House Structure

St Alban’s College has a strong House structure. Every single boy at the College will belong to a specific House. There are 3 Boarding Houses and 3 Dayboy Houses.

Boarding Houses:

Knoll House

MacRobert House

Ochse House


Dayboy Houses:

De Beer House

Knapp-Fisher House

Murray House


About the houses

Each of the houses have a Housemaster and Assistant Housemaster in charge of the daily running of the Houses. In addition, staff have been allocated to each House to act as tutors giving support and assistance. Within each House there is a leadership team consisting of a Head of House and Deputy Head of House who are assisted by a House Prefect Leadership team. The Boarding and Dayboy Houses each have their own Common Rooms which form the central meeting point every day.


The House system is the core of what St Alban’s College is all about, it gives the College its identity and significance.

At St Alban’s College we create a home away from home environment not only for Boarders but for the Dayboys too.


Inter house Competition

There is a highly competitive competition called the Todd House Competition where all the Houses compete at House level in an array of activities.