St Alban’s College Men’s Evening

St Alban’s College have introduced our annual Men’s Evening for the Matric boys and men that have played a significant role in their lives. This is a follow on from the Lads and Ladies Evening they experienced in Form 4. This is a special event where the Matric boys together with their fathers or a significant father figure celebrate their passage into manhood at a Black Tie Dinner.  We believe that this is a significant occasion in the life of a young man.



Role Models

Young men need strong male role models in their lives.  As you will well know, it is not all plain sailing to raise a son effectively, so we reinforce the role of the mentors in the boy’s lives on the night.  The evening always starts with a significant guest speaker and then the boys have the opportunity to express their gratitude to their father or the significant father figure. We focus on the importance of surrounding oneself with good men in their lives.


The evenings are usually hosted at the Pretoria Country Club Men’s Club with a strong presence of following etiquette and history of the club itself.

The Headmaster and other strong male role models within the College attend this evening. It always proves to be an evening of laughter, tears and celebrating what it means to be a man in the truest sense of the word.