Community Service

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“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is the difference we have made in the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead”.

At The College, our boys together with the staff have picked up the pace, tackling their studies, and have shown absolutely amazing results in the community we are involved in. A new view on community service as a supporting aspect of leadership and personal growth has emerged.

Community Service plays an integral part of school life at St Alban’s College. It helps shape well-rounded individuals like nothing else can. It is the most important way in which our boys learn to look beyond themselves, to develop the capacity for empathy, acceptance and grace, and to take an active role in positively shaping their community. Our students participated in service related activities in a variety of ways.


Focus areas

In a world where there are so many pressing needs and limited resources available, society expects a higher levels of delivery. Our aim is to have clear and specific focus areas enabling a more targeted, efficient, impactful approach, as well as defensible and objective decision-making supported by transparent communication and reporting. The focus areas for St Alban’s Community Services Programme:


Project Summary

Build community centred leaders (Leadership journey of humility: discovering self, discovering others in and through collaboration with Leap School,

Robotics; St Alban’s College and St Augustine’s Leap School.

The pupils from Grade 8 of St Augustine’s Leap School together with the Form 1’s of St Alban’s College all enjoyed the hands-on construction activities on the 9 June 2017 at the College.   They love the chance to show their peers and instructors what they’ve learned and what they can do, and there’s no doubt that there will be a need for another interaction in the foreseeable future.

Robotics play an important role because it strengthens, support the pupils’ skills, and it develop their knowledge through the creation, the design, and the assembly of robots.




Encourage charitable and generous giving

Eersterust Faith Based Feeding Scheme

In September of 2016, The College committed to assisting with dishing up every Thursday afternoon in the feeding lines. Following this commitment, it became evident that a rotational system was necessary to ensure regular involvement from the boys.  This has become a challenge that needs to be monitored in order to commit to the promise made.

The meals that volunteers produce include lentil casserole; stews; and breyani, and was formulated to not only satisfy appetites, but to combat the effects of malnutrition.

The feeding scheme has truly taken on a life of its own.

Our boys are becoming more aware of their own life styles and develop a sense of appreciation for the privilege position in which they find themselves.  An increase in the number of children made it more urgent for us to look further than feeding the children, but to also look for a safer place to distribute the food. We approached the Nantes School opposite from the carport where we use to feed the kids, and asked to use the school ground instead. We needed to mitigate the risk of children being hit by a car. This should also help with the smooth running during the dishing up process and also for our boys to interact with the children.