Rewards and Recognition

There shall be an Honours and Colours Committee to establish and reward standards of excellence in all activities, and to control the awarding of Honours and Colours. This Committee shall be appointed annually to assess excellence, and shall be the sole judge of whether an award is to be made or not.


The Honours and Colours Committee shall consist of the following:

  • The Headmaster (ex officio Chairman);
  • The Academic Director (ex officio citations secretary) for their ability to assess academic excellence, and is the citations secretary;
  • The Chairman of the Games Committee for his ability to assess games excellence;
  • The Chairman of the Clubs and Societies Committee for their ability to assess excellence in the field of cultural activities;
  • Two members of staff, elected by the staff, for their ability to assess all-round excellence;
  • The Head of School (ex officio Secretary)
  • Any Member of staff nominating a candidate for an Honours or Colours award shall be present at the Committee meeting at which the nomination is considered. He/she must present reasons for the nomination, but may not vote unless a Committee member.
  • The Headmaster shall have the power of veto.
  • Meetings of the Honours and Colours Committee shall be calendarised each term, but the Headmaster may convene additional meetings should he deem them necessary.
  • Five Committee members shall constitute a quorum.
  • Any change in this Constitution shall be approved by at least five positive votes.

In the event of two offices being united in a single individual, the Honours and Colours Committee is empowered to co-opt an additional member.