the arts - music, art and drama



We believe that in preparing young men for life, we should strive to develop well balanced individuals.

Emphasis is placed on a holistic approach to music, allowing the boys to participate in many different genres underpinned by a solid knowledge and critical evaluation of the subject, but with a balanced appreciation and a supportive environment in which to perform. Musicianship should be cultivated in every young man and their musical achievements celebrated.

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visual art

Visual Art at St Alban’s College starts in Form 1 as a chosen Module. In Forms 1 and 2 we focus on laying down the basics in creative thinking and the implementation thereof in actual artworks. At this level, we concentrate mainly on drawing and painting to establish the basis for further development in the senior forms. We also focus on art-theory related to the elements and principles of art. Visual Art in Forms 1 and 2 is about having fun in a creative context, while learning new and interesting skills.

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DRAMA at st Alban's

This year, the Form 1s have the exciting option of selecting a Drama Module which has not been offered for several years at St Alban’s College.

It has proved to be a popular choice among the boys. Dramatic Arts education plays an important role in developing the 21st Century thinking skills of: collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity (particularly with regard to problem solving).