Academic Innovation

St Alban’s takes academic innovation very seriously. It is clear to us that successful young men need more than a matric certificate to achieve in life. Many skills are needed to make headway in a changing world. Academic rigour is supremely important but this rigour can - we believe - coexist with boys developing a growth mindset, finding their element, developing a love for lifelong learning, celebrating curiosity and solving the world’s complex problems. The infographics below give some insight into our educational philosophy.

BEING Vulnerable, showing up and daring greatly.

St Alban's College teachers need to be encouraged to embrace thinking and, as a result, become deep thinkers. Our team needs permission to pursue and implement new ideas.

Stretching the team & challenging convention.

Teachers at St Alban’s are being challenged to rethink their educational philosophies; to research; to critically analyse; to reimagine; to engage with the future; to ask why?


One of the most important areas of growth for our team has been in terms of fostering being and belonging in our spaces. With guidance from the Centre for Being and Belonging,